Thomaston High School – Resources

This page has resources for my students and their parents of Thomaston High School, as well as anyone else who finds them useful.

NOTE: School documents for students, such as syllabi, will be updated and posted in late August, before school starts. 

Course Syllabi:

(To be posted at start of school year)


Individual Math Classwork & Homework Rubric – Holmes, THS

Group Math Work Rubric – Mr. Holmes, THS

Individual Physics Classwork & Homework Rubric – Holmes, THS

Group Science and Engineering Exercise Rubric – Holmes, THS

Engineering Design Process Rubric – Holmes, THS

Lab Report Rubric – Holmes, THS

Oral Presentation Rubric – Holmes, THS

Writing Rubric – Holmes, THS

Other administrative documents:

Bryan Holmes – Daily Schedule – Thomaston High School – 2018-2019

Safety Contract – THS – Holmes

Physics resources:

Physics – Giancoli, Sixth Edition – free online supplement to the textbook – practice problems and other resources

Light and Matter  a free online physics textbook by Benjamin Crowell – especially suited to students in UCONN Physics / AP Physics 1

The Physics Classroom – extensive site with tutorials, animations, practice assessments, etc.

Hyperphysics – extensive website with hyperlinks sponsored by Georgia State University – geared to college students, but still very helpful to high school students.

NASA Aerodynamics Index – list of dozens of NASA links for topics in physics and other sciences, as well as aerodynamics

Vernier LabQuest information – explains how the LabQuest hand-held Vernier interface devices work

NASA’s Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum – excellent site with videos and web pages on each part of the EM spectrum

NASA’s Solar System Exploration – website with information on all parts of the Solar System and the tools we use to explore it

NASA’s Solar Scope – interactive simulator of Solar System

NASA Engineering Design Process – the general process we will follow in any engineering design project we do in class

Roots of words used in science  – helpful link showing roots of words (prefixes or suffixes) that make up scientific terms

Understanding Physics by Isaac Asimov, reknowned scientist and author:

  1. Physics of motion & heat by Asimov
  2. Physics of light & EM by Asimov
  3. Physics of atoms by Asimov

Periodic Table – interactive table that gives information on each element

Writing Scientific Reports – by University of North Carolina’s Writing Center

Math resources:

Geogebra Graphing Calculator – free, online graphing calculator

Geogebra – this link is to the “classic” site and allows for both algebraic and geometric graphing

Math Tools and Calculators – from Math Is Fun website, these are free, online calculators, including graphing calculators

Math Is Fun – simple, clear explanations with good graphics – looks like an elementary school website, but it is very good through high school

Khan Academy – very helpful videos and tutorials available on many subjects – the link here is the main index page for algebra

Euclid’s Elements – the Greek classic that has guided the study of geometry, and more importantly provided a guide to modern scientific thinking, for centuries