Project Schedule


Schedule page imageThis schedule is what I followed as I guided three high school science students to write and publish a book on their experience in science research. Use it and modify it for your own project. Check out my book that describes the whole process and serves a as a how-to guide for teachers.

May 2014 – Initial discussion with students.

June 2014 – Two after school meetings to discuss the project and to ensure the students understood the commitment required. At the first meeting, we went over this schedule. Students also reviewed websites showing traditional, hybrid, and self publishing processes. By the second meeting, students had to provide me a short book proposal with an outline of their book and a target audience.

Early July 2014 – I emailed students more guidance for writing their first draft, and I sent them a template for publishing their book in paperback. I also sent information about how to set up and write a blog.

By August 15, 2014 – Students will draft their books and outline their ideas for blog posts.

Late August 2014 (before school starts) – Meeting in town to go over students’ progress and to plan edit and revising among ourselves. We will also identify possible beta reviewers, those people who will review and critique our books, primarily as informal content editors. Finally, we will review how and what to blog.

September through early October 2014 – Editing and revising within our writers critique circle. We will work together to help edit and revise one another’s draft books. Each student will have at least two other students provide editing comments. After each student makes all the revisions from these comments, then we will send out the book to beta reviewers. Also, we will begin blogging and marketing in various forums and on social media – the goal is to build followers who will be prime candidates to buy the book when it’s published.

Early October through November 2014 – Beta reader process – students send out a draft book and seek critiques, then make revisions. Also, keep blogging and marketing. Use the book’s content as a guide for what to blog. Work on interior and cover design of book.

December 2014 – Finish editing and revising, then make finished draft of book following publishing guidelines. Consider hiring a professional copy editor. Keep blogging and marketing.

January 2015 – Make any final changes from copy editing process. Convert paperback book file to an ebook file. Make links at the end of chapters to online content, videos, etc. Hold off on publishing, but keep blogging and marketing.

January to March 2015 – Major push to market book – schedule talks, give interviews, release previews, and do appropriate promotions. Schedule and publicize the publication release date of the paperback and ebook.

April to June 2015 – Book release – celebratory event with family and friends and media coverage. Market the book through book talks, book signings, and other appropriate promotions.

April to June 2015 – Keep marketing book and track promotions to identify best approach to get sales.

June 2015 – Reflect on the experience of writing the book. Help me determine the best way to follow on to this project – a formal course, a club, or keep it informal?


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