Start Mentoring Your Students to Write and Publish Books Today

This ebook is only $.99 until June 6th as a Kindle Countdown deal
This ebook is only $.99 until June 6th as a Kindle Countdown deal

Now is a great time to start a special project with students who can work through the summer and through next school year writing and self-publishing their own books. Why now? I found in mentoring three of my own students that the summer provided the ideal time to draft their books. Drafting an entire book takes weeks, and it requires few distractions–the school year is too busy for this. Therefore, by meeting your students now, setting up a schedule for the project, and assigning the first few tasks before the school year ends will allow them to get started and draft their books over the summer break.

My book, Creating Student Authors: How to Mentor Any Student to Be a Self-Published Author, is just released and available in paperback and ebook. If you would like to duplicate this project with a group of students, this book is the how-to guide that will give you everything you need to start. It is filled with free links, templates, checklists, and other resources so you only need to set up the meetings and use the book to follow a step-by-step approach to get your students published. One copy is sufficient for a teacher and a group of students–you can share the content with the group.

The ebook is on a Kindle Countdown deal and listed for only $.99 until June 6th. It is free at all times if you are in the Kindle Unlimited program. Click HERE to go to and purchase a copy. Get started with your students this week.

Subscribe to this blog at to get email updates of my posts with tips you can use in your classroom as I describe how I mentored three high school science students to become published authors by June 2015. Also, please give me your feedback, and please share blog posts with other teachers or anyone who may benefit. Use my book for your project – you can read an excerpt and buy it at


Author: bryanholmesstem

Physics and Math Teacher, STEM Competition Mentor - starting at Thomaston High School, CT, in fall 2018.

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