Student Authors Need to Market Their Books Before Publication–Both Online and In Person

Publishing goalIn this blog, I am sharing how I am mentoring a group of high school science students to write and publish a book about their science research experiences by April 2015 with the goal of selling 500 copies by the end of the school year.

My students are waiting on beta reader feedback right now—they aren’t writing or working on their books, so this is the perfect time to do some preliminary marketing. Click on Marketing Checklist for Authors to get a full list of things you can do. I have already shared about how my students are blogging. Another way to market a book is the more traditional route of using in person events. Student authors may naturally gravitate to blogging and using social media, but they should also learn to do a well-planned live event.

Live events that are feasible and appropriate for students include in-school promotions or presentations of their book projects, presentations to other schools in the district, book promotions at a local bookstore, or book presentations at local conferences. I have taken all of my students to a local writers conference, and I took three of them to the Connecticut Science Teachers Association annual conference. At both events, my students dressed up and had flyers and business cards to hand out as they pitched their books. This type of experience is valuable and applicable to many career fields.

Our next planned live event is a joint promotion with our high school’s literary journal club in the cafeteria during lunch. The goal is to generate interest and curiosity in other students. It is free and relatively easy to set up this type of promotion. The most important thing is for students to be prepared. Working jointly with the literary journal club also gives my students a chance to share their writing experiences with other student writers. Please share your thoughts about any similar projects you have done by commenting on this post.

Next week, my post will share the feedback we are getting from beta readers, as it comes in.

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Author: bryanholmesstem

Physics and Math Teacher, STEM Competition Mentor - starting at Thomaston High School, CT, in fall 2018.

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