Check Out These Resources for Mentoring Student Authors


checklistIn this blog, I am sharing how I mentored a group of high school science students to write and publish books about their science research experiences in 2015.

The biggest challenge for a teacher who wants to start a new project is finding the time to gather all the necessary resources to plan it out. I like to plan thoroughly for any lesson, so building a lesson from scratch takes me a lot of time—usually longer than the lesson itself. Doing this project where I mentored a group of student authors took me hours and hours of planning and researching to gather what I needed to show them the process to follow, and I am sharing all these resources so you can use them. Click here to go straight to my website’s Resources page that has checklists, templates, and guides for mentoring student authors. My book, Creating Student Authors: How to Mentor Any Student to be a Self-Published Author, has all of these items and more neatly packaged and organized so that you can just follow the book and download what you need as you go. I hope you find all of this useful—please give me feedback on what works for you.

Each month, my post will share how this project worked so you can duplicate it in whatever way works best for you.

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